Aerial Filming

Capturing that breathtaking establisher...


In addition to aerial filming for the broadcast and film industry openskymedia can also bring a different perspective to help with planning for agriculture and construction using aerial surveys.

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Construction Site Surveys
Aerial Site Surveys done in hours not weeks...

Reducing your reporting costs:

By conducting drone inspections to document every site from...'Cut and Fill' area reports, 2D maps, and 3D models. We will fly the exact same path over time so that you can see how the construction is progressing from phase to phase.

2D Aerial Mapping and 3D Modelling:

Having a single orthomosaic picture of each of your sites gives you an immediate 'birds-eye' perspective of the landscape while producing a 3D model to see the topographical lay of the land. 

Over Time Site Inspections:

With the advent of AI technology, we can fly to the same coordinates time and again on different sites to show you an overview of the building site's progression. Giving you the added benefit of taking action fast where needed while also giving you and your client added peace of mind.  

'Cut and Fill' Reports and Annotations:

With aerial inspections, our specialised software connects with NASA satellites in order to give you a true topographical view of each of your construction sites. With this data we can annotate the size of mounds of earth or grit and holes which may need filling, and give an estimate on truck loads needed to fill the site or take away the leftover soil.

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Agriculture Surveying
When a different perspective helps for better planning

Aerial mapping in agriculture has been growing each year as the added benefits are realised from plant count to plant health and where to pinpoint trouble areas  within the crop site. Saving you time and loss of crops. It can also be used for  insurance claims after a major weather incident.

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