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Corporate Training Videos


Video is a low cost, powerful, and effective tool to communicate your vision and values, and train your employees no matter where they are, at home or on location 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


At Open Sky Media we know that whether it is an induction video for new people onsite, or specific instructional resources, these videos need ensure that the message, and quality of the content, is guaranteed across the whole workforce.


Having tailored training courses can help to remotely enhance personal skill levels as well as giving a sense of self worth.

An interesting development in the courses we produced for some of our clients have even been used as a resource in giving international staff a chance to learn how to understand English through the multilingual 'Closed Captioning' subtitles on most of the videos we created.

Just some of our clients who's staff are benefitting from our training solutions:

NuServe is a facilities services company that employs thousands of cleaning staff in the UK.


They have employees working in multiple locations and their online training courses have given back more time to their workforce, allowing them to train at anytime, anywhere, and give them the skills, and tools, not only to further their productivity but also the opportunities to progress in their career paths.

UhUb is a company that specialises in online training of the whole workforce and is especially giving back by helping the homeless get off the streets with their drive to give everyone the right to work.

The courses we helped produce have won multiple awards for FM services in 2013, 2018, & 2019 (finalists).


An onboarding video is a video resource used to introduce and familiarise new employees or users with an organisation, product, service, or specific process. It is typically part of an onboarding program designed to help individuals understand their roles, responsibilities, and the overall culture of the organisation. Onboarding videos are often used in corporate settings but can also be found in educational institutions, software applications, and various online platforms.


The primary purpose of an onboarding video is to provide an engaging and informative introduction to the subject matter. It may include information about the company's mission, values, and history, as well as an overview of the product, service, or process being introduced. Onboarding videos are often created with the goal of making the onboarding experience more enjoyable, efficient, and memorable for the viewers.


These videos can feature a combination of live-action footage, animations, voice-over narration, graphics, and other visual elements. They are typically concise and structured in a way that guides the viewers through the key points and essential information they need to know. Onboarding videos can be accessed through various platforms, such as online learning management systems, company intranets, or video sharing platforms.


By using onboarding videos, organisations aim to enhance the onboarding process by delivering consistent and standardised information to new employees or users. They can help reduce the time and resources required for in-person training and ensure that everyone receives the same level of introductory knowledge. Additionally, onboarding videos can contribute to a positive onboarding experience by creating a welcoming and engaging environment for the individuals involved.

To find out more please contact us below... 

Engineer on Tablet
Watching a Video
ArcelorMittal Workshop, welder, Chatham Docks, openskymedia copyright©2021
Women at the office

openskymedia is a multiple award winning video production company that specialises in corporate training videos, motion graphics and health and safety services. We have jointly won iFM awards with NuServe (iFM Award 2013) and UhUb (iFM Award 2018, & finalist in 2019).
 have created effective and engaging content that has helped train part of the UK's workforce allowing them to not only do better, but be better.

Online Class


“We worked with Dave to film a series of 5-10min training videos in a corporate setting. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to get things right, enabled us to produce content that has subsequently been commercially licenced. He brought creativity and a modern approach to what could otherwise have been a stale subject, combining interesting angles and movement to keep the audience engaged. I’d thoroughly recommend working with Dave, whether you’re an experienced producer, or someone, like me, that would benefit from a little support and guidance to help bring your project to life.”

Simon Duke, Managing Director, NuServe











iFM Finalist 2019

Working in conjunction with UhUB in producing the training videos for their online learning and marketing platform.

iFM Award 2018

Working in conjunction with UhUb in producing the training videos for their online learning platform.

The Hollywood Hills Awards 2017

For P.O.V. with Tarryn and Graeme Meaker


FILMSshort Online Film Festival 2017

For P.O.V. with Tarryn and Graeme Meaker

SoCal Film Festival 2017

For P.O.V. with Tarryn and Graeme Meaker


iFM Award 2013

Working in conjunction with NuServe in producing the training videos for their online learning and marketing platform.

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